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Season's Beatings

This site played on the Twelve Days of Christmas theme. A new match-up would appear each day between two Christmas or holiday icons—for example, the Grinch vs. Ebenezer Scrooge. Users would vote for their favorite and send the site to others to try to help their favorite icon win. ASI Communications designed the site and I developed it using jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. A lot of optimization went into making it run faster, including local Google Analytics, CSS sprites, and minification of CSS and JS. The site also used cookies to help prevent duplicate votes.

In the first version, I had to create dynamic JavaScript variables based on the data stored in the database because one of the plugins didn’t accept 0 as a valid number (and would crash because of it). The site was set up so it would update the voting section by itself every day. Lots of AJAX requests were made to update sections, graphs, and other statistics throughout the site.

I developed several new features for the second version, including a way for users to embed the current match-ups on their blog or website. We also changed over from the daily match-up format to a weekly tournament bracket system. I updated the embed code each week when the site was updated so users wouldn't have to embed a new snippet. Finally, we also added sounds that would play when the user made their pick, which consisted of memorable quotes or sounds relating to the icon chosen.

Sorry, no link to the first version.

Project Achivements