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Azul 7

During my time with Azul 7, the company embarked on a brand identity initiative. This initiative included creating a new website that better communicated its ethos and portfolio. There were several new skills I picked up from this project, many of them coming out of the fact that this was the first project for which I did a serious mobile version. Using media queries, I targeted tablets in portrait orientation as well as all phones and adjusted the look of the website accordingly.

A unique feature on this site is the three different carousels of navigation. The main navigation, work, and article sections of the website can be navigated in an infinite loop just by using the navigation found on the sides of the page. Some other key features include a Google map with custom colors and overlay using the Google Map API, an AJAX contact form (validation and sending), a jQuery Cycle plugin, custom fonts using MyFonts, and HTML5 and CSS3 animations.

Project Achivements