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Nilan Johnson Lewis

I developed this site using WordPress while working for Azul 7. The client, a law firm, wanted a lot of customizability for their website, so I incorporated a number of features to make it as customizable as possible within the time and budget available. One of these features was a dynamic flash video player that displayed in a custom lightbox (closeable any of three ways: by hitting Esc, by clicking on the gray overlay, or by using the dedicated close button). I also gave the client the ability to add sections of content to any page that can be opened and closed using shortcodes.

Another important element for the site was a more robust search feature. The client wanted to be able to filter their employees by a number of different attributes, ranging from name to specialties in specific practice areas. With the help of OOP and some quick thinking, I was able to instruct WordPress to keep everything dynamic and updateable by the client using posts and dynamic select lists from those posts. These lists would then talk to the data stored in the employee profiles.

Some other features include quick directions by Google, multiple custom post types with archives, a newsletter, and multiple updateable portals based on templates (the three sections at the bottom of each page). The pages in the practice area section each pull in the employees who are linked in their profiles to that given practice area.

Project Achivements